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This chair was found in Machynlleth
High Street 1959
High Street 2009
Class of
The Smithy
The funeral Bier in use at Llangelynin
The field is now housing.
Some of your elderly villagers may be able to identify some of the children, I know Swancot Pugh knows a couple. to start the ball rolling, my late father hth russell is third person from left, on top photo, his younger brother wp russell is 7th along on top row with a tie and fathers younger brother ce russell with a tie is 3rd from right on second row up, father born 1912, wpr 1913, cer born 1914. they lived originally at tremiefion in a terrace just below bank moving to tawelfan when it was built on the corner of llwyn du lane, next to miss jones at milwaukee.
lower p/c my late father hthr is 4th along on top row and 5th along is wpr.
cer is on the right end of 2nd row up. all 3 went on to dolgelley grammar school and onto ellesmere college shropshire. i hope this will prove to be the start of a mass identification! and who were the masters. you really ought to have a history society and heritage centre up there! regards tony
ps the 3 boys were called harold, percy and edgar.
mother says mrs nat richards daughter margery is one of the little girls on front row. and a thomas someone from borthwen farm is on there. Swancot may know
Tony Russell, (Devon) who supplied these photos. Thanks

Here is an old photo looking up Mill st from Ganolfan car park gates towards the main road Tremfor is the cottage to the left wonder who the people are?
posted by Roy n Pam The Old School House
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